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Whitney Threewits M.Ed., Speaks on National Special Education Day
Clinical Expertise and Support
Jan 03, 2024
May 01, 2024

In honor or National Special Education Day, Whitney Threewits, M.Ed., BlazerWorks Special Education Advisor, talked with WISH-TV about the special education teacher shortage, her passion for the profession, and the importance of community involvement.

The nationwide shortage of teachers remains a critical focal point for educators and communities striving to improve outcomes for students of all abilities. However, several factors contribute to fewer people entering the profession. Whitney explains how often, there is a barrier for the community as they are unfamiliar with the world of special education, which can seem overwhelming and daunting. “…I think sometimes they don’t understand special education and they’re hesitant to be involved in it and they’re missing out on a wonderful world of students and educators”, Whitney says.

However, parents and the community serve as integral pieces who can serve as advocates and create real impacts in special education students’ resources and growth. When everyone is involved, students, families, educators, and the community benefit.

Whitney acknowledges the unique demands of working in special education highlighting the emotional investment required in addressing the behavioral and academic needs of students. Yet, Whitney shares how a career in special education is beyond rewarding and fulfilling. “It’s worth it at the end of the day,” she says, “I still talk to some of my former students because I love them and I’ll forever be a part of their lives and vice versa.”

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Whitney Threewits

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Check out this clip from WISH-TV to learn more and reach out to BlazerWorks today to see how our Clinical Advisory Team can make a difference in your district.

Meet The Author

Whitney Threewits

M.Ed. Special Education

Special Education Advisor

Whitney is an experienced former special education teacher, behavior specialist and special education coordinator focusing on educational instruction, support, and interventions in early childhood, autism, and behavior. In her role as a Special Education Advisor at BlazerWorks, Whitney is passionate about providing support and resources to all educational professionals to foster a growth mindset that will positively impact all students.

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