Managed Services Built for Education

BlazerWorks is tapped into the largest network of educational staffing agencies. With one call, you’ll enjoy a full-service, customizable solution for your education staffing needs.

Single Point of Contact
Streamlined Staffing Process
Zero Vendor Fees

Benefits of BlazerWorks

By partnering with BlazerWorks, your school district can save time and money and be free to focus on other goals. BlazerWorks will streamline your hiring processes, handle every aspect of talent acquisition and management, and ease the load of your administrative staff. Just a few of the benefits of working with BlazerWorks includes having one single point of contact for all your staffing needs, zero fees for you and your vendors, and access to higher-quality candidates.

What BlazerWorks Provides

Partner with us to experience all the best attributes of working with managed services, without the fees for you and your vendors. BlazerWorks provides your district with access to our brigade of staffing agency partners to ensure your vacancies are filled with top-notch candidates. We also provide you with a single point of contact who will support your district and simplify every aspect of your staffing process, from sourcing to timesheets.

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Offering Your District

  • Concierge-Level Care

  • Zero Vendor Fees

  • Timesheet & Invoice Consolidation

  • Vendor Management

  • Staffing Agency Partners

Who is BlazerWorks?

BlazerWorks is built specifically to serve school districts and education professionals. We offer all the advantages of managed services without the fees to your school district or your vendors.

Additionally, our unique partnerships with top staffing firms and connections to highly skilled and passionate special education professionals are what really set us apart. We take pride in our personalized, concierge-level care and ensure that when you need BlazerWorks, one of our dedicated team members will be there to answer your call.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I’m always impressed by the communication and assistance provided to me by the BlazerWorks team. It’s like having a personal assistant – I have a close relationship with my concierge and put all of my trust in him when handling any particular task.

– Sarah, Special Education Director

Our billing office was overwhelmed with different invoices and multiple rates from all our vendors. BlazerWorks made it smooth and streamlined.

– Cameron

Before BlazerWorks I was over my head, tracking 35 timesheets from multiple staffing agencies — now it’s all simple and consolidated.

– Dan

I used to spend all day making calls to 30 agencies, just for one job. Now, all it takes is one call to BlazerWorks.

– Kristen