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Dr. Jaime Sowers Speaks About the National Special Education Teacher Shortage
Clinical Expertise and Support
Nov 14, 2023
May 01, 2024

School districts across the country are facing a critical shortage of special education teachers. These shortages have significant consequences, resulting in larger class sizes for special education students. The special education teacher shortage not only affects the student-to-teacher ratio but also leads to special education students missing out on the crucial services they need and are entitled to by law. 

Jaime Sowers, Ed.D., Director of the Clinical Advisory Team at BlazerWorks, discusses how schools are managing the special education teacher shortage and helpful strategies in an interview featured on news stations across the country. Jaime shares how we can increase the pipeline to the profession, and what is needed to improve career longevity for school professionals in special education.

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Check out this clip from WWMT-TV News Channel 3 to learn more and reach out to BlazerWorks today to see how we can help make a difference in your district.