July 1, 2020

Why Managed Services for Education

by: BlazerWorks

School district administrators wear many hats — developing and administering programs, managing staff, and consulting with parents. Special Education Directors may have multiple and varying positions to fill throughout the district. With hundreds or even thousands of individualized education programs (IEPs) to oversee, homebound students to supervise, and reports to file, recruiting and hiring is one more item on their daunting to-do list.

Hiring Can’t be Left to Chance

Although it’s time-consuming, it’s essential to get right. A Special Education Department must make numerous phone calls to find individuals with the right skills who embody their school’s mission and vision. That’s why they often rely on staffing agencies. However, working with numerous staffing agencies takes time away from what matters most – ensuring every student receives a quality education and the assistance they need to thrive.

MSPs Take On The Burden Of Managing Their Contract Staffing Program

Instead of juggling multiple agency vendors, keeping track of multiple bill rates, making dozens of phone calls and sending countless emails, school administrators can have a single point of contact. Managed Service Providers save school districts time and money while freeing up time for administrators.

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