Let Us Deal With Your Stressful Staffing Logistics.

We streamline your hiring process, handle every aspect of talent acquisition, and ease the load of your administrative staff so you can focus on what matters most – your students and staff.

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    Why BlazerWorks?

    Managed Services, like BlazerWorks, save school districts resources and money, while freeing up time for administrators and alleviating the burden that comes with contract staffing. However, BlazerWorks isn’t your traditional Managed Service Provider. With us, you will get all the best parts of working with an MSP, without the fees for you and your vendors.

    From sourcing to timesheets, BlazerWorks has every aspect of the staffing process covered for your district. Cut the countless emails and phone calls and connect with one single point of contact who will personally handle the swirl of daily staffing logistics for your school.

    How It Works


    We Connect with Your District

    The first step is getting to know your district so we can identify your needs, understand your pain points, and create a custom solution built for you.


    Match You With a Concierge

    Based on your unique needs, BlazerWorks will match you with a concierge who will help alleviate the burdens associated with staffing in your district, such as disseminating job orders and coordinating candidate interviews.


    We Fill Your Vacancies

    Your BlazerWorks Concierge will leverage our brigade of staffing partners to fill your jobs with high quality candidates who have the speciallized skillset you require.


    We Streamline Your Processes

    We work with you to create a plan for your district and collaborate with your business departments to create standardized invoicing and timesheet processes that increase efficiency.

    It’s time for your hiring process to evolve.

    Streamline your districts staffing processes today!